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Successful Dismantling and Loading of a 3200-Ton Injection Molding Machine

We have successfully dismantled and prepared for transport a massive 3200-ton injection molding machine. Our team demonstrated exceptional skills and accuracy throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and safe operation. Since the client had very limited storage space, it was necessary to load all parts immediately after dismantling, posing a significant logistical challenge. Initially, the […]

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Unloading process of a two-component Battenfeld 5500/2800 injection molding machine.

We would like to introduce you to the unloading of the Battenfeld 5500/2800 two-component injection molding machine.

In this video you can see how we unload the first part of the spraying machine – the locking system.
In the second video we present the unloading of the second part – the injection system and peripheral devices.\
Battenfeld 5500/2800 unloaded

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Internationaler Umzug Spritzgießmaschinen
International relocation: Spain – Poland

In this article we present one of the numerous moves we have carried out recently. The plan was to transport from Spain to Poland and our task was to transport two huge injection molding machines across half of Europe:

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Verladung einer Krauss Maffei 300T Spritzgießmaschine
Loading a Krauss Maffei 300T injection molding machine

This week we loaded an injection molding machine for a foreign customer. Along with the machine, we loaded a 4.5 m long robot with a control cabinet and restricted access area.

A 13.6 m long truck was used for the transport (approx. 2,500 km), and we used a mobile crane for loading.

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Beladung einer Spritzgießmaschine
Order for loading an injection molding machine

Today we completed another loading of the injection molding machine as planned.

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Relocation of a Battenfeld injection molding machine
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Loading of a Krauss Maffei injection molding machine
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