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We would like to introduce you to the unloading process of a two-component Battenfeld 5500/2800 injection molding machine.

This machine is a complex device that consists of two main parts: the closing mechanism and the injection mechanism. In this video, you will see how we unload the first part of the machine – the closing mechanism.

The closing mechanism is the part of the machine that compresses the two halves of the tool to form the plastic part. It consists of several components, including the closing cylinder, the closing piston, the closing pins, and the closing plate.

To unload the closing mechanism, we must first lift the machine from the truck bed. We use a crane to do this.

Once the machine is on the ground, we can begin unloading the individual components. The closing cylinder is lifted with a hoist and loaded onto a trailer. The closing piston, the closing pins, and the closing plate are loaded onto the trailer by hand.

Once all of the components of the closing mechanism are loaded onto the trailer, we can transport the machine to the next station.

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